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StoreTEK Plant Simulation

Plant Simulation Services from StoreTEK Applying Advanced Automation Technology

One of the primary benefits you will find in working with StoreTEK is our ability to reduce cycle times and improve efficiencies and product flow. Through the use of state-of-the-art Simulation Software with proper plant/process data, we are able create 3d plant simulations that identify process automation issues and help project cycle times for product flow.

StoreTEK's 3D visualization tools provide you the first hand ability to see the proposed solution in action thus eliminating potential problems. StoreTEK offers automation solutions to solve bottlenecks and reduce processing costs. We model the solution in Simulation to show you both process impact and cost reduction of the proposed solution.

From a single work cell to a complete warehouse or factory automation system, we can develop a 3d simulation that reduces your risk associated with capital equipment funding decisions. We illustrate the results of proposed changes to optimize product flow and evaluate "what-if" scenarios to compare different automation solutions side by side.

The following is a partial list of the automation processes and systems that we can model using Simulation:

Unload Station simulation concept video. Using a combination of powered, gravity, and vertical conveyors allows a single operator to easily handle full and empty pallets ergonomically while conveying product overhead to packaging.

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