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Global Sourcing Services

StoreTEK Global Sourcing Services

At StoreTEK, we offer you the ability to lower your component part cost through our global sourcing services. We have established overseas procurement relationships for plastic part production, castings and high-volume machined components. We offer a full-service importing solution from factory direct product sourcing, logistics, customs clearance, to local delivery.

As manufacturing costs here in the U.S. increase, particularly for labor intensive processes, our global sourcing services can dramatically lower component costs. We generally save our customers between 20%-60% on products and components.

Our US facility provides machining, fabricating and painting services in addition to coordinating a wide range of secondary services for our customers including powder coating and anodizing. We are able to source near net shape castings and machined components that we are able to custom machine to varying customer specifications for different part/equipment configurations.

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