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Automation Consulting

Automation Technology Consulting from StoreTEK

In every StoreTEK facility visit, we see opportunities to improve process automation, improve efficiencies and lower production costs. It's a fresh set of eyes looking at your plant, warehouse or distribution center.

We troubleshoot your bottlenecks and diagnose the underlying issues. StoreTEK offers solutions that solve the problem. As back up, StoreTEK provides 3d plant simulations, videos and data that conceptualize and visualize the problem/solution. Based on your plant metrics and data, we can show the results of the proposed improvements and cost saving impact.

The combination of 3d plant simulations and StoreTEK's extensive automation engineering experience provides for a comprehensive automation consulting service. We take great pride in helping you forecast potential issues, troubleshoot bottlenecks, and develop innovative process automation solutions that work.

Additionally, StoreTEK has the resources to step in and "fix" other people's mistakes.

Our engineering staff has the experience and capability to take your current design or product and re-design or modify it in order to give you the final product that you need.

The following is a partial list of the automation processes and systems that we provide automation consulting services for.

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